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Because we’re awesome! But there’s a lot more to it.

We are a talented creative team that is dedicated to crafting animated explainer videos that become invaluable business tools. But yeah…it’s also because we’re awesome! Let’s discuss in detail the 3 reasons the video mentioned along with a few more.

1) Explainer videos do serious business.

We are a professional creative team with a business approach.  Our team will carefully create a marketing and conversion tool that will motivate your audience.  Meet a few of our team members here.

What we do…

  • We help our clients understand that videos are becoming more and more popular so there is no better way to turn viewers into customers than with an animated explainer video.
  • We reach your target audience.  It is important for us to understand who your target audience is and what motivates them so that we create a video according to the needs of your market.
  • We research an effective call to action.  This leaves the viewer wanting to take action after their done watching the video.
  • We know placement is everything.  Ensuring you video is supported and accessible we help you by; understanding the importance of operative thumbnails, figuring out where the best place to host your video will be, and helping you understand how to improve it’s performance with testing and analytics.

Click here to read the details involved in crafting an animated video from start to finish.

2) Unlike other production companies we give you the still graphics and project files used to craft your animated explainer video. 

This will allow you to standardize branding marketing channels.  That is a huge bonus!  If we create a character for you, you can use it on your website, for web banner adds, trade show booths or brochures. That’s right…by giving you these tools we help with your overall marketing and branding of your company.

3) We intentionally work on only a limited number of projects at one time which means we never compromise quality for quantity. 

By working with a limited number of projects it allows us the time to help existing clients get the most out of their videos by advising them on the best distribution and optimization methods.

4) We have numerous returning clients.

We have crafted videos for fortune 500 companies like IBM®, CISCO™, NETGEAR™, ASUS® .  Many return for not just their 2nd video but also their 4th or 5th.  See their videos by clicking here.

5) Our team consists of extremely talented, creative and business knowledge artists. 

Along with the creative side we bring along a business mindset to each project. We have creative degrees as well as marketing and business degrees.  This overall team knowledge provides the clients with the comfort and marketing advisement needed to make your explainer video an overall success.   Additionally, we provide clear direction to our clients to make sure their explainer video is correctly marketed.

6) We make videos that drive leeds and increase sales and engagement. 

Over 40% of companies are using animated videos to explain their product or service.  Why? Because videos drive leeds and increase sales and engagement.

Your company or service should carefully consider the benefits of creating an explainer video for your product that’s sure to increase engagement and provide consumers with the knowledge they need about your product or service to make an informed decision.

Carefully crafted animated video production is important and that’s why you should contact our creative team at Explanatory!

We hope to hear from you soon!  Let us know your thoughts on this blog, our videos or how awesome we are in the comments section below.

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Sara Narducci is a Associate Producer at
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