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Why Craft an Explainer Video Ad for Facebook?

Facebook and Video

Social media is growing and so is the need for explainer videos.  If your company uses the social media outlet of Facebook, you may be noticing a growing number of auto-play videos.  Why craft an explainer video ad for Facebook?  Because video ads are a part of social networks next big move!  Do not miss this opportunity to increase engagement and sales

Why Craft an Explainer Video Ad for Facebook?

Facebook’s ad revenues jumped 67% in the second quarter of 2014 over 2013. Primarily driven by a 151% increase in mobile ad sales while desktop ad revenue growth remained in single digits. Mobile ad revenues, now account for 62% of Facebook’s quarterly ad revenues, which is a big leap from the situation 1.5 years ago.

Also, Facebook has made the interface less cluttered but more effective for marketers, which has helped it deliver higher ROI (return on investment) to them. Video ads are also made available in every single ad format.  Keeping it user friendly!

Continuous effort is being made to bring more advertisers onto its platform. The number of active marketers stands at 1.5 million with a staggering 50% higher increase in 2014, 30 million small businesses have Facebook pages.  This could prove to be Facebook’s greatest achievement is making its mobile ads as interesting and likable as the regular Facebook content. Leading to higher user engagement.

What will video ads do for engagement?

Drive branding objectives and improve engagement with compelling video experiences.  Advertisers using Video Ad for Facebook will now have a new opportunity for advertisement.  Using videos to advertise is sure to increase engagement of your product over another company.

How long is each video ad?

Each video add is 15 seconds and will start playing (without sound) in a users newsfeed.  The video will stop playing if a user continues scrolling.   If the video is selected, it will expand into full-screen and restart with sound.

This is good news for advertisers.  If you have crafted an engaging explainer video, users are sure to be captivated by your video and hopefully “like” it.  That is SEO gold for a company!

What are some clear advantages to video ads for Facebook?

Facebook video ads vs. TV ads have a clear advantage.  Why? Because of the platform’s ability to more accurately target relevant audiences. Facebook has over 864 million daily active users. If that’s not enough, video ads on Facebook give marketers a high level of control and instant feedback.  Clearly thats a significant ROA over TV ads.

Facebook is delivering over 1 billion video VIEWS per day!  Sure, since 2014 YouTube has cornered the market with video ads showing 4 billion views per day, but FaceBook is on it’s way up.  Growing significantly as an attractive platform for video advertisers.    With this growing trend, videos have clearly become an integral part of the FaceBook user experience.  And if the desire is revenue…then their should be no question that video ads are the way to go.

Forbes Online says “At the current rate, Facebook will have roughly 365 billion video views a year. If the company starts monetizing this opportunity with pre-roll video ads, it can add $365 million in incremental revenues.  Let’s assume that Facebook manages to put pre-roll video ads in 20% of these video views, at an average rate of $5 per 1,000 views, which is still lower than that for Youtube. It will imply incremental revenues of roughly $365 million. Facebook’s EBITDA margin is north of 60% which implies that these revenues will result in incremental EBITDA of roughly $225 million. That’s still less than 5% of the company’s 2013 EBITDA.”

Facebook has a good track record for ROA.  If Forbes is correct, they could ultimately surpass YouTube’s advertising platform!

Video ad on Facebook

Video ad on Facebook

Why should you get started now?

Your competitors are (or will be soon), which means you should too.  Crafting an explainer video ad for Facebook is something all companies should look into.  They are worth the investment and will send engagement skyrocketing!

Over 40% of companies are using animated videos to explain their product or service.  Why? Because videos drive leeds and increase sales and engagement.

Your company or service should carefully consider the benefits of creating an explainer video for your product that’s sure to increase engagement and provide consumers with the knowledge they need about your product or service to make an informed decision.

Carefully crafted animated video production is important for every explainer video and that’s why you should contact our creative team at Explanatory for your next explainer video.

We hope to hear from you soon!  Let us know your thoughts on this blog, our videos or how awesome we are in the comments section below.

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