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We are a small production company composed of explosive creativity! builds handcrafted animated explainer videos tailored to your business. Our videos are supercharged to communicate your message in 90 seconds or less! No matter what your goals may be, our videos are custom-made to fit your existing strategy or take things in a new direction.

More about who we are…

We love what we do! has created hundreds of videos for clients large and small, including NETGEAR®, IBM®, ASUS®, CISCO®..and more. Our ongoing partnership with our clients keeps us active, always working on something new, whether is’s their 2nd, 3rd or 10th project!

We take the time to understand each and every aspect of the product or service you offer. We don’t just doodle – our animated videos are carefully crafted to engage and motivate!

We have a wealth of experience. Our team is built on a strong foundation of knowledgeable staff. Constantly seeking to better ourselves as individuals and a team, we learn something new with every project. Our insatiable drive to improve and our pursuit of new concepts and ideas keep us at the forefront in our understanding of what makes a video successful.

We partner with our clients for the long-haul, becoming your underground video marketing team! Our producers and creatives are all intimately involved in the creative process, working closely together to bring a shared vision to life.

We take pride in our work. Although the video is for you, we create it like it’s our own, making sure it meets our own meticulous standards! We know our work is very important to you. Rest assured it’s very important to us too!

Meet part of our team…

Ryan Lindner, Creative Director | Founder.  Ryan is the founder and CEO of Explanatory Videos.  With his years of experience from working at CNN, CBS Sports, and QVC he knows his way around a production studio. You might find Ryan off the beaten bath, stirring up his creative juices while trekking trails on his dirt bike.

Kenny Simpson, Creative Producer.  Kenny has years of experience under his belt.  He is not only our resident creative genius but also our resident lad. Born in Scotland, we can always count on Kenny to answer life’s most searching questions, like “Single Malt Scotch or Tennessee Bourbon?”

Carson Kemp, Account Manager.   A man with many hats (and helmets)!  Your initial call or email connects you with him. Carson lines his office with his surf boards and hockey sticks – California, meet Canada! – so when he’s not working hard, he’s playing hard.

Sara Narducci, Associate Producer.  That’s me!  Keeping clients happy, informed and on schedule – that’s my job, and I love it.  When I’m not working as part of the production and creative team I’m daydreaming of my next travel adventure. Sigh… What was I writing about?  Oh yeah, work. Back to that.

How we build a supercharged video…

First, choose a style video that suits your needs from our collection of work or the internet.

Second, select a length for your video.  Most videos are best kept under 90 seconds.  Read why that’s true here.

Third, through a kick off call (with you, the client) we discuss which creative direction should be taken for your video.  The video should connect with your brand, because the foundation of any great video is an engaging story.

Fourth, from information received during the kick off call and messaging document we get to work on writing a script. With hundreds of videos under our belt, we’ll write a script that effectively communicates your message. How do we build an engaging script? Read here.

Fifth, the fun begins….we start to develop a storyboard that makes your video come alive. With the right concept and message in place, we’ll sketch up a storyboard that explains our vision for the video scene-by-scene.

Sixth, once the script is “locked” you will choose a professional voiceover. We understand that you have an important message to deliver so we let you choose a voice from our selection of voice talents. How do you choose between a male and female voiceover talent?  Read here.

Seventh,  the final step is to assemble your video and add music and sound effects. Sound design makes all the difference – that’s why we make sure to carefully select audio that fits your video.

The end.  Wahlah your business tool is brought to life!

Throughout the process you will work with a dedicated production associate (ehhm, that’s me) who will get approvals, help keep deadlines and provide feedback.

Explanatory Videos Team

Explanatory Videos Team

Not only does our team include extremely talented artists and creatives, but each person brings a business mindset, as well as their artistic talent, to each project.

Keeping your goals for the video in clear focus allows us to distill your message down to something concise, engaging and motivating. Once the message has been finalized, then, and only then can visuals be added to the story.

When all is said and done you will have a unique, invaluable business tool that you can use; on your website, show as a presentation or even display in your tradebooth.

Contact us today at for your supercharged animated explainer video, that will drive sales and increase engagement.

We hope to hear from you soon!  Let us know your thoughts on this blog, our videos or how awesome we are in the comments section below.

Sara Narducci

Sara Narducci is a Associate Producer at
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