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Visyond | Animated Explainer Video recently wrapped production on a video for Who are they? What do they offer? Watch the animated video above and let us know your thoughts in the comments below .

It was great working with the team at Visyond to craft their first animated explainer video! We knew from the kick-off call that production would be smooth and seamless.

Kick-off Call and Messaging Document

During the kick–off call we established (verbally) what was most important for the user and asked them important questions to understand their service. This is an important step for our creative team and producers.  It allows them to understand the clients direction about what they want most to come from the video.  From there, we created a messaging document that allowed our team at and the team at to narrow down the most significant benefits and logistics of the service.

Script Writing

When creating a script for a service, you must make sure to; first state the problem, second the solution, third why their service is the solution, and finally the call to action. In the case of Visyond – that was easy. They clearly understood their users needs.

In the first 15 seconds of the video; we approached the user with a major frustration they incur on a daily basis (that of the productivity loss and frustration from existing products with analytic modeling), then the solution (,  spending most time explaining why Visyond was their solution (made specifically for analytic modeling, ease of use and logistics), and finally what action the user needed to take (their call to action “Sign up now with “).


Sometimes selecting a voiceover can be difficult.  However, the easiest solution when choosing a VO is to consider your target market. In the case of Visyond they choose a male voice, mid 30ths. This kept within their target market –  because although they have a large female user base as well, a male voiceover ensured they would grasp both markets.

Style Boards

Styleboards are my favorite step! Why?  Because after the script writing is locked in place – a style board is when you really start changing over from copy to animation. Our artists took into consideration the color branding and market branding materials already in place on the website and grew their style board from there.  We also ask our clients for specific style elements that help our artists creatively. Sometimes this step requires some back and forth and that’s OK because this is an important step as it is a style base for the entire video.


From the styleboards we create storyboards. During this step our artists start crafting a story from the entire script using the styleboard that Visyond approved. Once the entire story board was created and approved we moved on to animation.


Animation is the longest process in crafting an explainer video but that’s also when the story comes alive!  This step cannot be done without all the other previous steps.  Our artists take the voice over audio and storyboard and create an actual animated explainer video.


OR, the “icing on the cake”. Once animation is approved and we have a final render of the video, audio is added. Not all videos need audio or sound effects because sometimes the voiceover is enough to keep the users attention. However, Visyond decided that they wanted sound effects added and our creative team agreed.

Visyond Animated Video

Visyond Animated Video

The end result?

A happy client! has a greatly crafted animated explainer video and a valuable business tool for their website, presentations or even conferences.  What should they take into account if they want to show the video at a tradeshow? Click here to find out.

Over 40% of companies are using animated videos to explain their product or service.  Why? Because videos drive leeds and increase sales and engagement.

Your company or service should carefully consider the benefits of creating an explainer video for your product that’s sure to increase engagement and provide consumers with the knowledge they need about your product or service to make an informed decision.

Carefully crafted animated video production is important for every explainer video and that’s why you should contact our creative team at Explanatory for your next explainer video.

We hope to hear from you soon!  Let us know your thoughts on this blog, our videos or how awesome we are in the comments section below.

Sara Narducci

Sara Narducci is a Associate Producer at

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