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How uses “The Power of Explanation”

We can all learn to develop and then use the power of explanation to help people understand ideas usefully and productively. Here is what our team at has learned about the power of explanation.

First, we must understand: What is an explanation?

Merriam-Webster defines explanation as “the act or process of explaining” but as simple as that explanation is we have learned that there is more to it then that. Wikipedia’s version breaks it down in more detail when it defines it as “An explanation DESCRIBES FACTS in a way that makes them UNDERSTANDABLE. The intent of an explanation is to INCREASE UNDERSTANDING.”

What are the key aspects to an explanation?

Generally we can explain something without much thought or detail. The result? We do not take the time we need to really describe or increase the understanding of the subject. Our normal-reacted explanations happen without planning or editing. Therefore, we miss the explanation of fact, which in turn, fails to explain the understanding.

But here at we learn our subjects, empathize with them, and understand them and in turn we make the facts more understandable. We cause the audience to care so that they can make a personal decision about learning more. How’s that for power?

We need FACTs so why are they so important to explanation?

Once you realized how many important facts there are you realize the need of explanation. Explanations are creations, made of facts that easily and coherently create the new way of approaching an idea. We have to gather these facts and transform them by means of explanation into something that leaves the audience feeling informed and confident in a short amount of time.

Once we have the facts and understand, creation can begin. What’s involved in creating a great explanation?

Empathy. This allows us to picture ourselves in the audience’s shoe, or in your case, the audience who will be watching your explanatory video. In this way, we are communicating with the audience from their own perspective. They’re left feeling informed and the ideas we convey are memorable ones.

Transformation. We take ideas, that are in plain sight, and transform them into something useful. We make the audience see, in a clearer perspective, what has been in front of them the whole time cutting down and simplifying the important facts. In turn, the audience understands without the hassle!

As you can see there is more to an “explanation” then one would think. We want the audience to walk away understanding what the product is, why “that” product, and finally why they should care about your product.

It’s very important to our team that our explanations cause the audience to care and feel confident in choosing the product. As a result, people that care want to learn more about the product.

See “our videos” for a fresh look at a few of our explainer videos and see the “art of explanation” at it’s best!

Sara Narducci

Sara Narducci is a Associate Producer at

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