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The Top Ten Reasons Your Website Needs an Overview Video

If the traffic to your business website is the only measurable your focusing on, then you’re are missing an important part of Google’s algorithm for success—you should also be looking at how much time customers spend on your website.  In reality most people really only spend a few seconds on a website, unless something grabs their attention and makes them want to investigate more.  As a business owner you’ve probably spent plenty resources in designing an eye-catching, SEO optimized website, but that is not always enough to make people stay on a page once they find it.  This means you must find a way to capture your visitor’s attention within a matter of seconds—you can do this by adding a business overview video or a landing page video to your website and online marketing channels.

Videos are beneficial for every type of business from large to small. They allow you to connect with your audience in a way that plain text just isn’t able to do. Below are the top 10 reasons your business needs to incorporate video marketing.

Reason #1—Higher Conversion Rates

One of the downsides to searching for businesses and products online is that you can’t see firsthand what a company has to offer, but with a video you can do exactly that.  Studies show that 85% of people are more likely to use a service or invest in a product if they have seen a video detailing its benefits.  You will be able to measure the success of your sales per landing page video by dividing your number of video views by your number of online sales.  If you don’t have a product to sell you can still measure success by video views. Your video should do more than just “pitch”, it should represent your brand.  If you are a creative company, have a creative video, if you are a professional organization your video can be professional, informative, and relatable.

Reason #2—Showcase Your Value

Think of your landing page video or business overview video as you do a TV commercial.  How many times have you seen a new food or beverage, a style of clothing or accessories, or a product you never knew existed—simply by watching a TV commercial?  Even if you see a product in a store, it has more value and more meaning to you if you have seen a TV commercial for it.  Products also seems more established when they have a commercial.

Think of your business overview video as your commercial.  Not only will your product and brand become more relevant to the viewer, but you can zero in on its specific features and functions, and highlight what makes you stand out from your competition.

Reason # 3—Easy To Share

Another benefit of creating a video is that it allows you a more marketable online tool than your website alone.  Social media marketing remains a powerful presence in the online market place.  Not only can you create a social media marketing campaign around your business overview video and landing page video, but they give you the ability to gain more organic traffic.  The great part about social media is that when someone likes your video they will share it, like it, comment on it, and suggest it to their friends—which can make a video spread like wildfire!  Over 70% of online users watch online videos to learn about products and services—and that number will continue to grow.

As an added bonus—social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are mobile compatible.  So if your website is not, your social media marketing will be.

Reason #4—Google Loves Videos

For lack of a better word Google “rewards” websites that have videos, with higher page ranks.  The higher your page rank the more exposure you have to your online target audience.  While there is no exact formula for success, videos boost your rankings, your popularity, and your success.  To showcase the impact and desire that people have for videos YouTube remains the 2nd biggest search engine to date—and yes you can put your business explainer video and landing page video directly on YouTube!

Reason #5—Increases Backlinks and Traffic

The more places your landing page video and business explainer video end up online, the more quality backlinks you will have to your website.

The More Quality Links = More Quality Traffic

The More Traffic = More Conversions

Each place you post your videos online will link back to your website or sales page.  This allows you to further measure the success of your social media and online marketing campaign.  If you strike gold and your video “goes viral” your success can happen in an instant.

Reason #6—You Are Instantly More Memorable

Think about the last time you searched for something online.  While you may not recall the plain websites you landed on, you remember the videos.  This is because your brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than reading text alone.  Combine that with music, a voiceover, and rolling script and you call upon a larger area of the brain to continue processing information—the more of your brain used to process information the more memorable a video becomes.  Even if the text on your website is witty and fresh—text is in most instances less memorable.

Reason #7—It Feels Real

Just as mentioned above—text alone can be plain and unmemorable, but add a few bells and whistles and you instantly feel alive.  Anyone could be a wordsmith who promotes their products and services via text, but text is ordinary and expected—and let’s face it, you can’t really change the way you present online text.  If you spend too much energy with fancy fonts, bold print, and colored text you can become an eyesore.  However with a landing page video or business overview video you can take your presentation in a million different directions—and most importantly you become real to your viewers.

Reason #8—It Creates a Focal Point

The first time a viewer lands on your business website they have to search for where to go to learn what they are looking for.  Even if you have clear tabs and pages, your viewer still has to take the time hop from page to page to find the answers to their questions such as who are you and do you provide what they are looking for?  The average person spends less than 60 seconds on a new website, so you don’t have much time to grab their attention.  However, when you place a video on your webpages it creates an instant focal point that directs visitors to precisely where they can go to learn more—without the energy of hopping from page to page.

Reason #9—Showcases Your Brand

Branding your company and products will always be one of the most important factors in achieving success.  Branding your business offline takes entirely different methods than branding your business online.  As far as branding goes, the playing field online is a bit more even in that your competition has a website with text too—so how do you create a brand with text alone?  It is possible, but is more difficult to achieve in the online world.  By appealing to your audiences desired for visual stimulation you can use your business explainer videos and video landing pages to deliver your brand in the vision you want your clients and customers to experience.

Reason #10—Quality

Online marketing strategies and tactics are in constant flux, but the popularity of video marketing continues to grow.  In the early days of YouTube businesses would deliver a quick presentation on their webcam and it was seen as modern and progressive.  As the desire for videos has continued to grow, the quality and methods of presentation for business explainer videos and landing page videos has become top of mind.  When you invest in a professionally crafted video you present yourself in a manner that garners respect and reflects your expertise.

Now that you understand how a business overview video and landing page video can benefit your business and how they encourage a longer attention span—what are you waiting for?  High quality videos can also be used for in-person presentations, training material, email marketing, and in conjunction with promotional materials.  If you are ready to stand out from the crowd and make your mark—it is time to create a video marketing campaign!

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