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How to Upload Prerecorded Video to Instagram on the iPhone | Explainer Video Production


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{Check out this article on Online Video Marketing where you can find a uploaded 15 second Movie Trailer of the New Movie “Jobs” staring Ashton Kutcher on Instagram!. This is an official movie trailer uploaded by the movie studio and its only a taste of things to come. It looks like Instagram has given the ability to upload prerecorded video to some…but not to us commoners. Well for now we will just have to use this hack so watch the video carefully!}

Watch the Video Above

Instagram’s new ability to record video on the fly  and upload to your picture feed is a really great feature for any business. However, as a business wouldn’t it be great if you could upload a pre-recorded, edited, polished, and  professional video to your Instragram account. At the moment Instagram only allows on the fly recordings, which is not optimal for the video marketer.  Think about it..if it was possible…. you could upload your made for t.v. ads, testimonials, movie trailers, explainer videos, your newest product presentation, all to the enormously huge audience that is Instagram.  You would also have an advantage over your competitors. So what is the solution (and or hack) to get your external and saved videos onto the Instagram platform. Read below for instructions and watch the newly updated video tutorial.

The first step is that we want to prepare the video we have so that it will work on Instagram. To do this I will us adobe after effects to get the correct format and look for our video. Lets take for example a TV ad that you might have in a normal quicktime format. This video will have to be resized in After Effects

to 640×480 and a quicktime .mov file with a codec of H.264, Audio set to Mono and at 44100 HZ. The Frame rate will be 29.96 frames per second. The bit rate we output our video to should be no more than 3,550. Also remember the video can be no more than 16 seconds long.

To ouput the video we will use the same settings that you see in this image below:

If your using an iPhone:

1)First make sure you phone is in airplane mode.
2)Then Open instagram, tap on the video icon and record anything for about 16 seconds.
3)Click to “Share” the video. Instagram will try to upload but because your in Airplane mode this will not work at all. (Thats what we want ? )
4)Now use a program on your mac or pc that can see the actuall files on our iPhone. For example, iFunBox or iFile.

Find the application folder on your iphone. Then go to: Instagram/ library /application support / instagram/ videos…There will be one files there (.MOV.locked)

5) The file we are going to replace is the “MOV.locked” file. We want to swap this file out with the file we made in After Effects.

6)The file we made from after Effects will add a “.locked” after the “.Mov”

7)You need to make sure the filename ends in .locked and doesn’t have an invisible .mov at the end. To do this use the finder to get file info (⌘i) and rename the end of the file there to make sure it end in the original .mov.locked

8)Now replace your file with the one in the instagram video folder.

9)Finally Turn off airplane mode and resume the upload of your video. And remember this hack will not change your original thumbnail for the video.

If your looking to upload video to Pinterest, check out the link here for some great tips.

And always remember the video you upload will only be as good as the time you put into making it. What this means is that most of if not all the video you would want to put on instagram is not created in the acpect ratio of Instagram nor is it ment to be a complete video at 16 seconds. So it is well worth it to take the time and create original content for your Instagram page or modify your existing branding and video marketing efforts solely for this Instagram use.

What are your thoughts on the new video feature for Instagram? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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