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How to Embed Video on Your Website using Vimeo Plus

After you invest in a great video for your website you should have it displayed on your home page in the best way possible. Many make the big mistake of using YouTube to embed their video on their homepage. In the embedded video above I show you what the best options are for using the Vimeo plus plan.

The problems with using YouTube to Embed your video:
1) YouTube will show ads over top of your own video. The ad may even be your competitors!
2) YouTube will show the YouTube logo in the bottom right hand corner. Not Cool! The YouTube logo when clicked on – will take the viewer back to the “black hole” of videos on Youtube. The result?  Your potential client could get lost on Youtube and will never come back to your website.
3) You cannot control what video options will be shown when your video ends.
4) YouTube will also show the title of the video and a byline of the video. These are things we do not need if your homepage is well designed. There is no need for your user  to see your name twice (once on your home page and second in the title area of your embedded video).

The Pros of using the Vimeo Plus Plan ($50.00 a year) to host your video:
1) There will be no ads shown over top of your video.
2) You can customize the video player so that it will match your brand and the colors on your homepage.
3) You have the option of creating a Call to Action at the end of the video. However, if your homepage is well designed you should not need this. You should already have a nice call to action or button right next to your playing video.
4)You can turn off the Vimeo logo from showing on your video embed. This means your video will look nice and clean.
5)You can also turn off the title, byline, and avatar of your video.  Again this should be off because there is no reason to show your byline if the video is well placed on your homepage.  Remember we want things clean and simple. The user should focus on the video they are watching.  Yes, it is really just that simple.
6) You can upload a high resolution Thumbnail for your video and this is great because your thumbnail image will always look crisp and sharp.

Dont fall into the web video HD trap! 
Also, one big note here! Many people want to use Vimeo because of the HD option they have. As a Video Marketing or Business Video we do not need the video to play in HD. Infact we do not want the video to play in HD. Why?  The main reason is we do not want your prospective customers waiting for your video to load. Yes, if the video needs to load you will loose those persons attention and they will not watch the message.  HD is great for entertainment videos (you know the videos we want to watch). Our main goal with a Marketing video is for people to Convert and create sales in the quickest way possible.

What are your thoughts on video hosting or Vimeo embeds? Let us know in the comments below.

Ryan Lindner

by Ryan Lindner
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