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Five steps to great Explainer Video Production

1. Know your product.

In order to explain your product, you need to understand what makes it awesome. What are the key aspects of your service that really make it stand out from the rest? Before we even start the “explainer video production” process, we need to answer the following three questions;

Who is your target audience?
How does your product benefit the viewer?
What is the advantage of your product over your competitors?

2. Utilize a storyboard.

Think of a storyboard as a comic book featuring your company. It is like a rough draft for your explainer video production. A storyboard can be made of the most simple sketches and basic ideas to show what path the completed video may take. Every professional video made needs to start out with some type of drawings to conceptualize ideas in a fast and easy way. Use up that scrap paper and let the ideas flow; keep the good ideas and move on from the bad ones.

3. The all important script.

Before the animation production can begin, you’re going to need a solid script. This will be a detailed narrative of what’s going to happen during your video, from what the narrator says to what the characters on screen are doing. But be careful! You don’t want to bore your viewers with facts or bland conversation, on the other hand, a good script show grab hold of the viewers attention and keep it. Think of a story perhaps featuring a certain character, and when appropriate, use humor. The more senses a video stimulates, the more memorable it will be.

4. Animation and graphics.

The ultimate way to bring a script to life is with animated visuals and understandable graphics. Depending on the message you want to send, you can use varying styles of animation. Does your video need a corporate professional look, or are you trying to entertain people with a more cartoon like feel? Using animated info-graphics can show stats, a certain process, or inform the viewer about a certain event that happened. Let’s face it, animated video is way cooler than staring at static bar graphs and pie charts.

5. Short and sweet.

Have you ever seen a commercial longer than a few minutes? Probably not, since you would most likely loose interest or change the channel. Most people’s attention span for an explainer video is somewhere around  two minutes, so it’s a good idea to explain your idea in the most simple way. A key way to keep it short and sweet is by brainstorming. Imagine a storm in your head with clouds of ideas in floating by. Think of one idea after the other, letting the bad ones pass by and the good ones hover around until you replace them with better ones, each one more concise than the last. When your video is clean and simple, it will appeal to more clients!

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