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Explanatory Demo Reel

So far 2015 has been a really exciting year for!  Our creative team put together a slue of excellent animated videos for top companies around the world.  Check out our 2015 Demo Reel and see the possibilities for companies like yours – whether big or small!


We had the pleasure of working with NETGEAR® on multiple occasions, creating over 10 product videos each video crafted with it’s own look and feel.

Additionally, our expert creative team produced explainer videos for, IBM®CISCO Systems, Inc. , and the number 1 cloud service in the world…SalesForce.Com

Style Choices
Our videos range in animated style!  For example we offer our clients the choice of sketch, cartoon, and corporate – just to mention a few.  Each theme specific to our clients market branding position.

Check out a few of our favorites…
Sketch.  Line art 2D animation is variable, affordable, eye catching, and attractive.
Meet Chuck!  Our creative team came up with his character to tell a story for the benefits of HCM Works.  We love his story, crafted in sketch form and we know you will too!
Cartoon.  The most popular style for explainer videos!  Why?  Nostalgia mostly.  Viewers have loved and still love to watch cartoon’s.

My favorite is TextName.Com.  This cartoon video was done with 2.5D elements, 3D elements, and multiple backgrounds. It is an awesome video and keeps the viewers attention from beginning to end.
Corporate.  Depending on your companies branding position this might be the right style for you.  We work with a lot of companies that need explainer videos for Business to Business connection.  Our corporate animated videos give us freedom of expression with a “suit and tie” feel.

Take for example Winshuttle.  This video was kept close to their existing branding needs, gives a B2B feel, and accomplishes the task of explaining their service, creatively.

We have many more explainer videos done in various animation styles.  See more examples here.
VoiceOver Talent
At Explanatory Videos we pride ourselves on going above and beyond ensuring our clients the level of service they deserve…even when that requires a little PR magic from our producers to book a top vocal and TV artist.

We had the pleasure of acquiring Betty White as a voiceover artist for our video for The Lifeline Program®.   As an Emmy Award-winning actress and comedian she lends her vocal talents to this two-minute cartoon video, which explains how life settlements work and how they can help supplement income for retired seniors and baby boomers.

We have a great relationship with all over voice over talents…even internationally!  We recently wrapped production on a video from MelinMedical.  A company that specializes in providing payment solutions and administration systems for health workers. They needed a video done in Norwegian.  No problem!  Check out the talent and watch the video here.

Client References

Most importantly…our clients are happy!  We receive great feedback from our clients on their return on investment for their explainer videos.

Take for example Jenzabar®, Matt D., CMO Jenzabar says of their explainer video “This video is fantastic!  It is one of the best promotional pieces I have seen to date in my 13+ years with the company.”.

For a video done for LevelCloud; Biren Shukla, CEO, LevelCloud says “We looked for their creativity and outside the box thinking for our explainer video.”.

The proof is in the case studies!  Our clients love the process of crafting their video along with the outcome.  Read more case studies here.


We are really looking forward to the rest of 2015!  Let our creative team take your product or service to the next level with an original animated explainer video, crafted by our talented team of artists and producers.

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