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Explainer Videos for Education

Animated Video For Education

As an educational professional you know that simply presenting information to someone and educating them are two very different things. New information is only of benefit to a student when they can absorb, understand and effectively apply what they have learned. Problem is, finding the right way to transmit that information can be a challenge, and doing it right cannot be done using any one method. With that said, explainer videos have proven themselves again and again to educational professionals to be highly effective, cost-friendly tools that can fit into almost any pedagogic strategy.

Why explainer videos are a smart choice

By incorporating both visual and auditory stimuli, explainer videos help increase comprehension and retention among watchers. By engaging two senses simultaneously, explainer videos appeal to both visual and auditory learners and better mimic a more natural learning environment than the classroom alone.

For example, many classrooms still rely heavily on oral teaching methods, a long time strategy that, apparently, appeals to only 10% of students.

According to a report by the University of Illinois (published in 2009), 65% of people actually prefer visual teaching methods, but despite this, many courses still present 80% of their material orally.

This means that in many cases, teaching institutions are missing a huge opportunity to help many students really capture and benefit from the information presented.

“Only 10% of secondary students are auditory learners…,
and yet, over 80% of instruction is still being delivered orally.”
University of Illinois Extension, 2009

Additionally, as strange as it may sound, education is not purely an intellectual exercise. We’re emotional creatures and engaging emotions is an effective way to educate, persuade and motivate students. Explainer videos offer an advantage here too.

Explainer videos are not just cartoons. By using music, voice and images they tell a story or convey an important message to viewers. This multi-faceted teaching technique has been proven to provoke a positive emotional response. Explainer videos therefore are not just a gimmick, but a powerful teaching tool. They give educators a way to touch not just the mind, but also motivate students to real-world action.


Not just a tool for the classroom

Of course, education doesn’t stop in the classroom. On many occasions the aim is to attract new students, investors or government support to your institution. The same strategies and techniques used to educate and motivate students are equally effective when reaching out to target groups.

As a sales tool explainers videos are especially powerful due to their ability to attract and hold the attention of viewers. As a culture we are notably changing in the way we look for new information, and video is now, without doubt, the preferred method to research and learn.

There is a clear reason why YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, people go there first when looking for explanations or entertainment.

It’s easy and appealing to watch and listen to information than simply reading it.

Because of this trend, online content that features video will see a clear increase in time-on-page when compared to other text-only content. People will more readily watch your message than read it, and as already mentioned, the educational and motivational power of video is a powerful way to drive forward your goals.

Also, video is incredibly versatile. It can be used across multiple media platforms for maximum effect, meaning you can use your video on your website, in social media and even offline in talks or seminars.


Kind to your budget

On top of all this, explainer videos are a cost-friendly option for presenting important educational of sales messages. Why is that?

Firstly, your video doesn’t need expensive actors, backdrops or filming equipment. Animation can be created anywhere and then easily styled to match your branding and the tone of your message.

Making adjustments based on your specific feedback is much less complicated than re-shooting live footage and also means that updating content to keep it current implies minimal time and cost.

Finally, animation can visually simplify complicated subjects and concepts so that core principles can be easily understood and retained.

Here at we have a strong track record or working with educational institutions to produce animated teaching tools that help them reach their goals.


University of Phoenix Video Animation

The University of Phoenix is noted as one of the US’s largest private universities. Classrooms are available in 100 locations, and they offer online classes to countries around the world.

Always looking for ways to expand their teaching arsenal, they commissioned a series of 5 explainer videos from, each of which dealt with a different stage in the job search process.

These videos could be used in the classroom and also extensively in their online courses. Below is just one example of the video we created for the course.


Jenzabar Video Animaiton

Jenzabar provides software, strategies and services uniquely tailored to higher education. They are trusted on over 1000 campuses worldwide – but still needed a way to broaden their appeal to future education clients.

Here at we were able to create a suite of promotional videos that appealed to the diverse client groups Jenzabar were looking to connect with. Check out one of the videos we made for them below.


The University of Vermont

Our team created this video below for the University of Vermont. They wanted to use video animation to help explain there course to new students. This sketch board style was really useful in transmitting information in a fun and creative way.


So how will you use explainer videos for education?

In the classroom: Remember animated videos appeal to both our visual and auditory senses making them more engaging than speech or text alone. The majority of people prefer to learn visually, making explainer videos a tool that appeal to a broader spectrum of students.

Promotion and Sales: Educational facilities always need to appeal to the next generation of students or garner support from private or public sources. Video can transmit information faster and help it be retained longer by viewers. Additionally, as video is the preferred method by which many people now consume new information, your message can have greater penetration into your target market than other forms of media.

We’d love to hear about your project and talk about how an explainer video would take it to the next level.

Please feel free to get in touch and organize a no-obligation chat about how our explainer videos could fit into your future educational strategies.

Kenny Simpson Sr. Producer

Kenny Simpson
Sr. Producer

This blog post is brought to you by our talented native “Scott” Producer Kenny Simpson. Drop him a line at Kenny loves to create and make great video. However, if he’s not working on video you can usually find him wearing his favorite green kilt and creating his very own craft beer. This is one hobby we love to support! Especially when “taste testing” his latest creation is involved.

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