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DX3 Canada Animated Video Production Service

Dx3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show that focus’s on digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retailing.  Contact our creative team at Explanatory for a DX3 animated video production.

The annual event is to be held on March 11 and 12th at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

This commercial trade show provides the digital community the opportunity to learn about new product innovations, share industry ideas and network with the growth of a digital industry.

Dx3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show bringing agencies, brands, publishes and retailers together for two days of networking and education.

Last year 4,100+ digital professionals attended Dx3 on March 5 & 6, 2014; a 21% increase over 2013.

Calling all entrepreneurs and startups’.  The Dx3 event holds an “Extreme Startups Acceleration Zone” where businesses have the opportunity to show their products and technologies during the conference.

Attendees and participants speak highly of Dx3.  They say that Dx3 creates a marketplace where opportunity happens.  There are companies that push the digital marketing envelope.  The event shows what the world of retail has in store for digital marketers.  The trades show promises a networking of wealth for entrepreneurs, retailers and tech companies where digital conversation is dominated and digital connections are made.

Why have a trade show animated video produced for this event?

Trade show animated videos lure prospects to you.  When you have a trade show animated video crafted for your product or service it will successfully capture the attention of passerby’s.  The reality is, people like shinny things that move and with an animated video you are more likely to capture the attention of your audience with an explainer video then without one.

A video allows you to maintain your audiences attention.  With so much going on at a trade show event many times consumers or the audience keep themselves moving from booth to booth.  However, if you have a trade show animated video (that is short and to the point) consumers and your audience will be able to understand your service or product by the time the video is over.  In turn,  they are not just jumping booths uneducated.  They leave your trade show booth with more knowledge and understanding.

What kind of video should be crafted for this event?

An animated explainer video that explains your product or service is less then 90 seconds.  This video should answer questions about your product or service in a captivating way.  Allowing the audience to leave the booth feeling that they have an understanding as to what your product or service provides.  She our blog here about creating an “Effective Explainer Video”.

DX3 Video Production Service

A trade show animated video should also be crafted with subtitles.  Trade show events are loud and you often can’t hear audio from a video.  So, a simple track and subtitle for the explainer video will allow your audience to read the video script.

A trade show animated video should be set to loop.  Because your audience is coming at different times throughout the day to your booth it is a good idea to have your explainer video set to loop.  That way the audience has a chance to catch what they missed before moving on to the next booth.

Crafting a trade show animated video for the Dx3 Canada Event is sure to increase engagement and lure your audience (see blog here to discover how an explainer video can increase engagement) during the event.  A video can take 6-8 weeks for production so contact Explanatory today for your trade show animated video!

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