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Demo Video Production and the 4 Steps to Success

Remember the days of your childhood when you had a favorite story that you would have your parents read to you over and over again at bed time?  Most of these stories could transport you to lands far away or that allowed you to become the superhero that saved the day.  Even if you don’t remember the details of the stories you loved, you are likely to recall the vivid illustrations and feelings they would elicit.

While you are no longer in need of bedtime stories you never get too old for a good story in which you can relate to a character and imagery that helps you create a captivating vision.  As adults most of the books we read no longer contain illustrations to help us further connect to our story. They leave us to rely on our imagination, movies, music videos, or short demo videos to create the same sensation we enjoyed as a child.  While this type of combined story telling is effective for entertainment purposes it can also be combined with factual information to be used as video marketing for your business or product.

The power of combining a story with imagery is not to be underestimated.  In fact your target audience will give on average 4x the amount of time when they are presented with an animated video as opposed to plain text marketing materials.

Below are a few steps you can use to incorporate story telling into your next demo video production for your websites video marketing campaign.

1) Create a Relatable Story

While your initial instinct may be to fill your story with the benefits and facts surrounding your business or product, resist the urge to immediately educate.  Instead tell a story that will elicit an emotional response (positive, negative, funny, or inspirational).  A story that attracts the attention of your target audience and lets them know that you are in tune  with their lifestyle and habits as opposed to being just another company tooting their own horn.

2) Create a Place to Go Next

Now that you have attracted the attention of your target audience with your animated demo video, you need to provide them with the next step—a place that converts their attention to your business.  When someone watches your video, statistics show that:

25% will not be interested

25% are already a fan of your business or product

50% are yet to be decided

Your goal of your creative video marketing campaign should be to convert as many of those undecided leads into quantifiable business transactions.

3) Highlight the Value of Your Brand

Now that you have their attention, it’s time for you to let your leads know your value.  However you still want to find a creative way to go about this.  Instead of presenting factual information, present the solutions and benefits of your brand. Apply real life scenarios that your business offers a solution to.

4) Create a Call to Action

Now that you have emotionally connected to your target audience and have shared the value your business or products it’s time to create a call to action.  This is where you motivate your leads to become sales.  Highlight the importance of not waiting any longer to add the value your brand to their life – and encourage them to be part of your story.

The Final Word

In the end you have gained the attention of your potential clients or customers.  Even if they are not a sale today, you have created a longer lasting impression than they would not have gained with simple written text.  Your demo video has created a memorable connection and now your brand has more significance than your direct competitors.

You can use storytelling video marketing for many avenues of your business and you can create anticipation by releasing a series of videos in which you share your unique story.  Your videos can be used in multiple places such as live presentations, your website, in email marketing campaigns or as posts on your social media channels.

If you are looking for a way to take your video marketing campaign to the next level consider using these steps above for your next business demo video production.

Ryan Lindner

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