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Cisco Live 2014 Animated Video Production Service

Are you looking forward to upcoming 2014 Cisco Live event in San Francisco? With an outstanding turn out for both on-site and web-broadcast this years events will surely prove successful and informing to an array of IT professionals worldwide. Why not create an animated explainer video for your company or of your product for the event? You could reach a new network of IT professionals and do so informatively and creatively.  With global events such as these an explainer video is worth the investment for your product as it will have the potential of being seen internationally!   This event held annually by Cisco Live and other’s around the world are fast approaching so contact us today at Explanatory Videos and let us get started on your video now!

Why your company or product should have an explainer video for the Cisco Live event?
The Cisco Live event offers opportunities to increase knowledge of Cisco products, solutions and services via in-person events, live webcasts, and on-demand learning opportunities.   An explainer video will showcase your product and keep your customers attention leaving them informed of your product.

Check out the audience stats from past events:

  • Cisco Live is the must-attend event for Cisco customers: Record in-person participation with 20,000 (an increase of 18% year over year), 15,000 customers and partners (a 20% year over year), representing 3,900 companies attended in 2013.
  • 189,000 Ustream Views (80% Increase year over year), 7,000 Virtual Event Account activations.
  • Over 200 exhibiting partners (60% increase over the last 6 years). Among attendees, 75 percent intend to take direct action with Cisco partners as a resulting of attending.
  • Most product areas measured showed double-digit increases in level of familiarity before and after the event.
  • 64 percent of attendees are now interested in a product or service they were not aware of prior to Cisco Live.
  • Cisco customers value their experience at Cisco Live: 93 percent of attendees rated the event “very/extremely valuable.”
  • 20 percent of attendees’ time was spent in the World of Solutions.
  • 93 percent of customers surveyed indicated they were likely to purchase products as a result of attending.
  • 43 percent are first-time attendees.
  • Almost 200,000 leads were collected in the World of Solutions during the 2013 conference.

With these stats it’s almost impossible to deny the marketing potential of an explainer video for your company or product!

When are the US and International events?
The San Francisco, CA event takes place May 18-22, 2014.  There are also other events being held all around the world, like Milan (January 27-31), Melbourne (March 18-21), and Cancun Mexico (November 3-6)!
What are Cisco Live events?  

The conference will provide education and training for IT professionals worldwide.  They will “gain knowledge, skills and expertise on the technologies that will drive the ongoing convergence of people, processes, data and things — creating the Internet of Everything that will enrich businesses and lives through greater potential and increased opportunity.”

What is the event about?
The four main areas of focus are; Technical Education, IT Management Programs, Developer Network Programs, and Service Provider Programs.

Cisco Live Video Production Service


With an explainer video you are sure to reach the exact target audience you need to.  It’s proven that users are more prone to video then script or copy. Show your customers and attendees your product in an inventive way!  With a video under 90 seconds you are sure to stand out from your competitors, customers will be well informed of your product, and they will be left with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision.  More importantly your video will be viral internationally!  Don’t miss this opportunity, contact us today at for an explainer video that is sure to provide your company or product the engagement it deserves

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