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Case Study | NETGEAR® ProSAFE M6100 Animated Video

The Featured Product

Maintaining a resilient IT network is a constant challenge. As user demands increase, your organization’s IT infrastructure can start to buckle under the pressure.

But now, NETGEAR has taken the next step in chassis switch evolution.

The NETGEAR ProSAFE M6100 Switch Series is a high-quality, high-density chassis alternative to stackable switches for midsize enterprise edge and SMB core deployments.

What makes the M6100 different from other network solutions?

This is the world’s first distributed fabric switch with passive backplane – offering a massive potential throughput of up to 1,071Mpps in a chassis with just a 4U footprint.

This switch offers higher flexibility and lower complexity for medium sized businesses or campuses looking to upgrade or grow their IT infrastructure. It’s a powerhouse in a super-compact frame and allows networks to grow and evolve without massive disrupting your

Netgear M6100 Switch Series

Netgear M6100 Switch Series

The Video Production Challenge

Obviously with a product such as this, there are a ton of features that may appeal to potential clients. Every organization has different needs and is looking to solve unique problems. How can you make a video that will appeal to the broadest range of viewers possible?

As with all our projects, we looked chose to focus on the most prominent key features while presenting an image that inspired confidence. Often clients want to explain and illustrate every possible selling point of a product, but this almost always has a negative result. Focusing on just a few key points is much more likely to catch a person’s interest and encourage them to do more research on their own.

This’s where are different. We realize that the video is not a stand-alone selling tool, it is just the hook – the key first step that draws people into your sales funnel. The video production process for the NETGEAR M6100 wasn’t just an animation job, it was a promotional and marketing exercise.

The Result

Working with NETGEAR is always a pleasure as their branding and messaging are always modern, attractive and consistent. This makes it easy to develop a visual and audio style that viewers expect to see from such a premium product range.

We worked hard with NETGEAR to distill down the number of features presented in the video, meaning that the final version was short and appealing. This allows viewers to stay engaged throughout and reach the critical call-to-action at the end of the video.

Additionally, by showing various options of the product visually and choosing a voice over and soundtrack that inspire confidence, the overall feel of the message is one that encourages viewers to trust in the reliability and performance of this high-end product.

It’s no surprise that large, trusted companies such as NETGEAR keep coming back to to produce product demo videos. We understand that these are part of a larger marketing strategy and we work hard to strengthen and unify that message with every project we work on.

Interested in finding out more about our video marketing services? Why not give us a call or drop us a line today, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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