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3 Vital Elements of an Animated Marketing Video

If you want to create effective animated marketing content for your organization, keep reading. I admit that this isn’t a comprehensive guide, but I’m telling you now, avoid these 3 vital elements of an animated marketing video listed below at your own peril.

1. What is your goal?

Define your Goals

What do you want your video to do? Is this an “explainer video” that gets people interested or is it a “how-to video” that shows them how to use your product or service?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a video can do both, they don’t multitask well.

Videos that try to do too much will overwhelm people. An explainer (or overview) video should tell viewers just enough to get them interested, they’ll make the effort to find out more if you catch their attention. “How-to” videos should get to the point and strip out unnecessary detail.

If you think you need to explain the “idea” of your business and how to use it, think about producing two shorter videos. People will spend more time watching lots of short videos than one long video.

2. Remember that this is a new medium

That means you can’t write or approve scripts that sound like website copy – aka too formal or full of buzzwords.

You need to write for video and people like video marketing content that’s brief and easy to understand.

So don’t fall foul of corporate snobbery and use words that look good on paper, but sound stiff when spoken – use everyday terms and a relaxed style. This way, viewers don’t feel as if they are being aggressively sold to and the content will be pleasant and natural.

Also, video is like a highway billboard. Billboards shout out one message. If you put too much info on a billboard, people wouldn’t have time to absorb it all – the same is true with video. So choose the one benefit you want people to remember and make it super clear.

80% of Views are Above the Fold

3. Put your video in the right place

Don’t make people work to find your video.

Don’t hide it under a link – embed it directly on to your page, preferably at the top left side of the screen, our eyes are naturally drawn to this side of the screen. But if you can’t put it there, just make sure it’s above the fold.

Give it a big play button and make sure it is not playing in HD quality by default, the slow load time will deter visitors.

Finally, don’t put your video on one of those scrolling headers – otherwise, by the time people have seen it and try to click it, the banner changes and the video is gone. This is incredibly frustrating.

So remember. The online landscape is evolving – video is the new standard. But just as you wouldn’t accept any old website, don’t accept any old video. Keep the three tips above in mind and you’re well on your way.

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