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3 Things The Best Explainer Video Companies Do

There are loads of companies out there that produce explainer videos. Some of them produce amazing products that will help boost your online performance, others will do nothing more than burn a hole in your pocket. But given the huge number of choices, how can you separate the good, from the bad and the ugly?

There are some key indicators you should look for when choosing a production company. If, after close inspection, a company doesn’t meet all three of the aspects listed below, I suggest you strike them off your list and start looking for other more suitable candidates:

3 Things The Best Explainer Video Companies Do (And Don’t Do):

1) They focus on messaging before animation.

Animation quality is very important. After all, a video should make you look professional while strengthening and promoting your brand. With that said, animation should take second place to the messaging.

An effective video is one that helps people quickly understand and be motivated by your message – that means deciding what’s said in the video is the most important part of the production process. A quality production company will give priority to finding your key message and explaining it well. Once that’s done, then they’ll produce brilliant artwork.

OK, what’s next?

2) They help you to use your video correctly

Many animation companies are made up of animators, not marketing experts. That means they produce nice animation, but they don’t help you use the video correctly. It’s like giving someone the keys to a car they don’t know how to drive. But what’s the alternative?

You should look for a company that helps you use your video properly, and that involves a few things…

True video marketing experts will help you put your video in the right places, help you choose the best thumbnail images, help you monitor views and performance and generally be there to ensure that your investment gives optimum results. Make sure your production company will help you use your video, not just produce it.

And finally…

3) They don’t promise a viral hit

Too many video production companies offer to create a hit viral video for your company…it makes me mad!

While the ability to share your video content on social media is an important aspect of video marketing – creating a truly viral hit is incredibly difficult. For every viral hit there are about 10,000 viral failures, you either need vast resources or a massive stroke of luck to ensure a viral sensation. So, tell me, are you feeling lucky?

If a company promises a viral hit, walk away fast, they’re lying to you. Nobody can guarantee that type of popularity, and it makes my skin crawl when people promise impossible results like these just to lure in a client. If you take their bait, you’ll probably end up with an inferior product that doesn’t convert. But don’t despair, you can still get amazing results with video.

Your video can still be hugely effective if the production company you choose uses a proven production approach. Choose a video company that’s dedicated to using sound marketing principles in the creation of your messaging and animation. That way your video will transmit a clear, engaging message that appeals to viewers and gets results.

So there it is, three important aspects that differentiate the good from the bad. Making sure a explainer video production company meets all three should ensure you end up with a really effective marketing tool.

Hope you find this helpful.

Let us know what you think, are there any other essential elements we’ve missed?

Kenny Simpson

 Kenny Simpson is a Creative Producer at If you would like to have an explainer video produced or would like more information, click here to drop us a line and get a FREE CONSULTATION and QUOTE.

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