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The Video Creation Process

I want to say that making a video is easy. This is true but, at the same time, fantastically false.

You (the client) should find every step easy.

We (your minions) should find every step hard – demanding everything of ourselves to make sure everything is perfect.

So, to make things as easy as possible for you, here’s an overview of how your video will be created and what you can expect along the way.


The Video Creation Process a.k.a. “The Video Escalator”.

1. The Web-Form (5 minutes) – First we get you yo answer some basic questions about your organization and project requirements. This helps us get an idea of your needs. If you’d like to fill out our form now, click here.

2. The Kick-Off Call (20 – 45 minutes) – Next we get on a conference call and talk about your project – this gives us a more detailed understanding of your requirements.

3. The Script (1-2 weeks) – The script is the foundation of the whole project, every other element depends on it – so we work hard to get it right.

Initially we create a first draft script for the narration of your video. This is a starting point, so don’t worry if it is not exactly right straight away, we’ll work with you over the next week or so to perfect the tone and language.

4. The Voice Over & Styleframe (1 week) – Now things really get cooking! We will send you some standard demos of professional Voice Over artists. Once you’ve narrowed down the list, you can request specific demos where the artist will read a short segment of your script – this makes it easy to match the right voice to your brand.

At the same time we will create a Styleframe. The Styleframe is a single still image that shows colors, graphical elements, fonts and characters that we think would work well in your video. This allows you to get an idea of the feel of the video and lets us make adjustments before too much time is invested.

5. The Storyboard (1 week) – The Storyboard is a sequence of still images (normally 10-12 images) that shows the key points of your video. This is not an animated sequence, it simply gives you a more detailed idea of how the video will progress. Again, this allows us to refine the video before too much time is invested in animation.

6. Animation (1-2 weeks) – We will at first produce a 10-15 second animated section of the video for your review. Once you are happy with the progress of the video, we will then produce the entire piece, with sound effects and the voice-over overlaid.

7. Delivery (1 day) – Once final payment is received, we will send you the full high-definition video with any watermarks removed. We can also advise you on the best way to use and position your shiny new video.

So there you have it. Just seven steps to produce a promotional powerhouse for your organization. We work hard to make sure these steps feel as easy as an escalator (where we do all the work) as opposed to stairs (where you do all the work).

If only all journeys were so easy.

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