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DreamForce 2014 | Video Production and Animation Service

Dreamforce 2014 promises to be bigger and better then ever!  Pre-register here for the event to be held on October 13-16, 2014 / San Francisco, CA.  Passes are available for a limited-time offer of only $799 but act quickly as that offer expires on March 12th.

Because the creation of a high-end animated video will take about 6-8 weeks to produce NOW is the time to get moving on your animated Explainer Video for your app, product, service, or business model. can create an essential animated video to beat out the competition and boost your potential marketing quota.

Why have a video produced for Dreamforce ’14?

The proven way to grab attention is through a short animated video that will explain your product to consumers in an educational way and grab the attention your product or company deserves.   Last year Dreamforce 2013 had over 130,000 in attendance with people from 82 countries attend their event.  Having an explainer video made is a great creative asset and will draw in consumers quickly and effectively.  Here is what you can expect for Dreamforce 2014:

  • All-new keynote speakers
  • 350+partners in the Cloud Expo
  • More then 1,400 breakout sessions, including content for every role
  • And a special guest band to rock the stage at the Dreamforce Gala

How can an explainer video help with branding?

The creation of an explainer video can help with branding your product / company.  Whichever character we create for your video can be exported so that you can use the same character for your trade booth graphics, marketing materials, and other assets.  You can use the explainer video on your homepage of your website or send it to leads that you acquire at the Dreamforce 2014 event.  Even bloggers can imbed your video on their post which will increase your website SEO.

An explainer video is a marketing hook!  If you have a well-rounded marketing strategy, you reach potential customers through a variety of mediums — video included.  People simply love video and will hit that play button.

Create a video for your trade show booth:

Also, having an explainer video for your trade booth will draw consumers in and help explain your product easily and effectively.  Consider the differences between an already produced video for your company and a trade show booth video.  Usually videos from websites are great for a personal audience but with trade booth show videos you would want subtitles so that noise is not a problem when showing your video.

What if you already have an explainer video?  We suggest creating a new version of your explainer video that works with just the visuals. The new version of the explainer video should rely on the audio track so that the visuals stand alone. We use large text messages that walk the viewer through the key points. The large text should be easy to see from a long distance and each line draws the viewer in so that they want to know more. The video should be short and play  on a loop so that if someone misses the first part it will repeat very soon and they can get the full message. In these ways, the video is compelling enough to draw plenty of attention and invite large numbers of inquiries about your product.

Past Dreamforce animated explainer Videos:

We had the privilege of creating at video for  They were able to use their video at their trade booth and via other marketing or branding tools.  Check out this blog post where they mention their thoughts on having a explainer video made for the Dreamforce event.

DreamForce 2014 Video Production Service

Do not delay!

Get started on your explainer video as soon as possible!  An average animated explainer video takes 5 to 7 weeks to complete. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to market your product or company with an animated explainer video for your trade show booth that is sure to increase attention and raise revenue.  Contact our production team at for a free consultation.   We look forward to working with you and getting your more then average animated explainer video started today!

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