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CES Animation Service and Video Production

Although the next CES (Consumer Electronics Event) is nearly a year away – NOW is the time to think about an explainer video for this exceedingly popular event!  Explainer videos can take 6-8 weeks for productions so don’t delay.  The event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6-9th 2015. Explanatory is your CES animation and video production source!

Why consider an animation video for your product or service?

With an outstanding turn out for both on-site and web-broadcast the 2015 event will surely prove successful.  With an explainer video you have the ability to reach thousands of techies and a wide range of standout professional personnel. says the trade show will be a  “global stage for innovation and a date with power”.  As in years past, the event is an internationally renowned electronic trade show with major companies and industry professionals in attendance that will host previews of products and new product announcements.

Each year, CES draws more than 150,000 attendees to Las Vegas, including more than 35,000 international visitors.  “It is considered a social hub, a marketplace and a few things they’ve yet to create words for,” says  

Over a four-day period those who “shape the future gather in Las Vegas, brands, markets and economies converge in what’s far more than a tradeshow”.

The event has evolved.  In 1981 the compact disk and camcorder were presented! And last year, in 2014, the first Li-Fi smartphone prototype was presented.  The phone uses SunPartner’s Wysips CONNECT, a technique that converts light waves into usable energy, making the phone capable of receiving and decoding signals without drawing on its battery.  The phone also has a transparent photovoltaic screen that lets light recharge the phone.  I know…awesome, right?  Obviously, the event has come a long way!

With so many presentations it is no wonder Netgear turned to for an explainer video for last year for the event.

When producing the video for Netgear our team took into consideration the following things for creation of an explainer video for a trade show event and we will do the same for you:

1) Target market

Of course we know that video allows you to connect to a user by showing your product or service in addition to talking about it.  But with a trade show you can potentially connect with more then just “users”, there are high-level management types, homeowners, and people in your same field.  So the explainer video is created to extend to more then just the normal target market.

2) Engagement

Trade shows are noisy so we create the video with subtitles to make your video more visually engaging.  The video needs to grab the attention of passers-by quickly.  If people are listening (or trying to listen) to your explainer video, they’re not engaging with you to the fullest potential.  An explainer video for a trade show has a more difficult life then a regular explainer video.  In less then 3 seconds you can loose the interest of users.

Around 40% of the exhibitors will have a trade show video running. Many exhibitors understand the power of video to quickly convey how their products work but you need a trade show video strategy.  You cannot expect the traditional marketing video to be able to shine under these tough conditions.

3) Say it with titles

As mentioned it’s important that we replace the voiceover with clear titles that explain what is going on. People will be tuning in at different times within the video, so with titles you ensure you have titles up at all times.  Also important, only communicate six clear messages or less.

4) Make it upbeat

Our team considers the use of properly placed, exciting visuals, upbeat music and appealing titles.  Also, it’s important for you to remember not to have the same shot running for longer than 5 seconds.

5) Keep it short

You’d be kidding yourself if you believe that someone will spend seven minutes watching your video – all while standing up – especially at such a large event.  It’s advisable to keep the video to a length of 90 seconds or less.

CES Animation Service

There you have it.  Trade show success is all about getting noticed and letting people know how you can solve their problem.  So, we make sure your video builds brand recognition, communicates what you do, gives you credibility and gets people wanting to talk to you. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your marketing dollars.

So don’t delay!  Contact now for a free consultation and let us get to work on your next explainer video for this CES event.

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