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5 Tips For Choosing An Animated Video Production Company

As a business owner who values staying current with the latest online marketing trends you should really have explainer videos on your radar.  While you may realize the importance of adding explainer videos on to your website, landing pages, and social media sites, you may be having difficulty finding the animated video production company that will best suit your needs.

Even if you have narrowed your selections down to a shortlist, it can still be difficulty finding the right one from your shortlist.  While the production quality of your explainer video needs to be a high priority, a strong level of creativity and communication is always essential.  If you are researching animated video production companies and aren’t quite sure what to look for take a look at the 5 tips below:

Tip #1 Get Them On The Phone
When you have narrowed down your selections to a few production companies it is time to reach out and get them on the phone.  Even if you have already exchanged a few questions via email, a live conversation will help you to get a feel for their level of interest in creating your explainer video, their attention to detail, and their level of professionalism.

Creativity is key.

Tip #2 Are They Creative?
If you wanted an explainer video for “just for the sake” of having a video you could record one your webcam or smartphone—but that’s not why you’re in the market for an animated video production company.  You want a company that will listen to your goals and objectives, and present them in a creative way that will attract the viewer’s attention.  Even if you want your video to be serious—it has to be more than a voice over with a few graphs and pictures—your video must be memorable!  Look for a company that has unique ideas that will make your explainer video standout from your competitors—one that will inspire action and will make a lasting impression.

Tip #3 Assess The Quality of Their Current Work
Each animated video production company will have samples of their work on their website, social media sites, and will email you a list of links at your request.  View several of their videos to check for the quality of their work.  Even if the video content or direction is entirely different than what you have in mind for your project, you will learn a lot by looking at their work.  Look for indicators such as picture quality, lighting, fluidity, creativity, sound effects, voice over quality, and the quality of graphic design.  Also look to see if they all feel the same, or if they all feel unique.

Tip #4 Are They a Good Professional Fit?
Some of the animated video production companies you find will be versatile in the work they are able to offer their customers, while others have more defined niches they prefer to work in.  While niches are not a bad thing, they can be if they are not in the niche your company is part of.  When you find a company that understand the needs of your business, and shares similar values and beliefs, both you and your production company will enjoy the process of creating your explainer video.

Tip #5 Are They In Your Price Range?
Last but not least, you need to make sure that the work the animated video production company you are considering is within your price range.  You want to find a company that meets all of your needs, and meets the criteria above, but you also need to be able to afford their work.  What you may be surprised to find is that the price difference from company to company can be huge.  While you need to be prepared to pay for a quality explainer video, you should also be able to afford their work.  Also ask them, what is included with the price. Check to see if the price is subject to change once the production begins, and if there are add-ons that may pop up down the road.

The bottom line is that explainer videos are the current online marketing expectation when it comes to building a lasting online presence.  They will drive more traffic to your sales site, increase your website ranking, and are easy to share via social media.  To produce a video that best showcases your brand and products you must do your homework when searching for an animated video production company that best meets your needs.

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